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Ms. Sahiba Gafarova, Chairperson of the NAM PN delivered a speech at the 14th Plenary Session of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly

Feb 22, 2024

The 14th Plenary Session of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) dedicated to the theme of “Fostering Regional Co-operation for Sustainable Development in Asia” began in Baku on 22 February.


The Plenary Session is attended by parliamentary delegations of approximately 40 countries including Speakers of Parliament of up to 10 states as well as leaders and delegates of several international parliamentary organisations.


At the Opening Ceremony of the APA Plenary Session Mr. Mohammad Reza Majidi, Secretary General of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly, expressed gratitude to the Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the high-level arrangement of the Session and for hospitality. He said that the presidency of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly had gone from Türkiye to Azerbaijan for the next two years, and expressed confidence in the success of the future operations of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly under the Azerbaijani presidency.


Mr. Numan Kurtulmuş, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye and Chairman-in-Office of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly expressed his hope that the 14th Session of the APA would prove successful and would contribute to the ongoing progress of solidarity amongst the Asian States. Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye stated that difficult processes are unfolding around the world currently and the items being added to the agenda of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly at such a time will promote progress in a peaceful and stable environment. Mr. Kurtulmuş also underscored the importance of acting jointly in the APA to ensure progress and upheaval in Asia.


Following the speech of Mr. Numan Kurtulmuş the ceremony of handing over of the Presidency of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly from Türkiye to Azerbaijan was held.


Assuming the duties of the APA President Ms.  Sahiba Gafarova, Speaker of the Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Chairperson of the Non-Aligned Movement Parliamentary Network, underscored the successful Turkish chairmanship of the Assembly and said that what had been done over the past years was important for the progress of inter-parliamentary co-operation.


Chairperson of NAM PN noted that today, along with humanitarian crises, conflicts, poverty and climate change, the Asian region is negatively affected by such pressing problems as discrimination, racism and the upsurge in xenophobia and Islamophobia. All these challenges can be addressed not individually, but only collectively through joint efforts. This is also true with regard to peace, security, stability and sustainable development in our region.

Ms. Sahiba Gafarova emphasized that Asia has much to offer in terms of cooperation, dialogue and solidarity, and continued that the Asian Parliamentary Assembly represents an essential multilateral platform for pursuing these goals. The activity of the APA reflects our readiness to deepen the inter-parliamentary dialogue.


Chairperson mentioned that last year in Antalya, upon the initiative of Azerbaijan, the Non-Aligned Movement Parliamentary Network applied for and was granted the status of observer in the APA. The Parliamentary Network will hold its Third Conference in the framework of the 148th Assembly of the IPU in March in Geneva. Granting observer status to APA in the Network and signing of MOU will enable both entities to actively participate in parliamentary diplomacy.


Ms. Sahiba Gafarova emphasized the issue of climate change, which demands all of us act more decisively. Implementation of projects and programs on alternative energy resources will contribute to our efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and protect the environment.


Opening Ceremony followed by the speeches by the leaders of the national parliamentary delegations.


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