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The Conference

The Conference shall be the highest decision-making body of the Network.  
The Conference shall be composed of the national delegations of the Member Parliaments to the Network.  
The Conference will meet once in a year for 2 days, as a rule, in the framework of annual sessions of Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and/or in the NAM Member States willing to host the event based on full respect to the principle of equitable geographic representation.
In the case of a NAM member state hosting the Conference, information on the dates and the location of the meeting shall be communicated to member parliaments, through the Secretariat, at least six months prior the meeting.  
The Conference shall adopt its agenda in accordance with established practice within the Non-Aligned Movement at the first day of each session.    
The Conference during its Annual Meetings may, among others:

• discuss the subjects addressed during the latest Summit of the Heads of States and Governments and Ministerial Meetings from parliamentary perspective;

• assess the implementation of the objectives of NAM as well as the documents adopted as part of the meetings of the main bodies of the Movement;

• discuss and promote the ways how parliamentarians can contribute to better implementation and further enhancement of the NAM principles;

• discuss ways to promote the values and founding principles of the Movement;

• will endeavor to adopt decisions (in the form of declarations, resolutions, decisions, recommendations) of the Standing Committees;

• consider and decide on the matters presented to it by the Bureau.

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