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The Secretariat

The administrative body of the Network will be the Secretariat. The parliamentary apparatus of the country from where the Chairperson is elected, will play the role of Secretariat and all resources required to sustain the Secretariat will be borne by that country.


The Secretariat shall be entrusted with:

• Facilitating continued contacts among the members of the Network and the Network with other regional and international parliamentary organizations and bodies;

• Strengthening institutional cooperation between the Network and the NAM in promoting values and principles of the Movement;  

• Communicating the resolutions, decisions and recommendations adopted by the Conference and the Bureau to the members of the Network and other international parliamentary organizations;

• Receiving applications for accession to the Network in observer status and transmitting it to the Bureau for elaboration

• Taking appropriate measures to promote the implementation of decisions of the Network,

• Maintaining the website and social media accounts of the Network; the modalities of operating the website and social media accounts shall be decided by the Conference

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