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The Committees

To do the preparatory work for the annual meetings of the Bureau and the Conference, Standing Committees shall be formed on the following four spheres which also constitute the Movement’s key areas of activities:

• Standing Committee on Political issues

• Standing Committee on Economic issues

• Standing Committee on Humanitarian and Social issues

• Standing Committee on Methodology

Each delegation to the Network will designate one member of their delegation to each one of the four specialized Standing Committee. The term of office of each member shall be subject to the decision of the head of respective national delegation. The Standing Committees shall meet at least once a year. One of the meetings shall immediately precede the meetings of the Bureau and the Conference. The Standing Committees, based on the latest documents adopted by different Organs of the Network, will identify and examine key priorities and areas of concern for the Network, relevant to their area of competence, to prepare detailed and thorough recommendations to the Bureau for its appropriate consideration and providing policy guidance to the work of the Secretariat, when necessary.

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