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The next Meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement Parliamentary Network was held in Angola

Oct 25, 2023

A meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement Parliamentary Network (NAM PN) took place on October 25 at the administrative building of the National Assembly of Angola within the framework of the 147th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) held in Luanda, the capital of Angola. The meeting included a comprehensive discussion on several key aspects: an overview of significant measures taken towards establishing the organization, the forthcoming institutional development, particularly the proposal by the Azerbaijan presidency in the NAM PN to create the Headquarters of the Network, alongside discussions on the organization's international relations and diverse initiatives aimed at fostering cooperation among member countries. Various other pertinent topics of interest were also addressed during the session.

Around 80 representatives from 30 countries participated in the meeting, which was arranged at the initiative of Sahiba Gafarova, the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Network and Speaker of the Milli Majlis. Among the attendees was Tulia Akson, a candidate for the IPU presidency, and the Speaker of the Tanzanian National Assembly. During the session, delegates from member countries' parliamentary delegations commended Azerbaijan's chairmanship in the NAM PN, highlighting the Network's significant role in advancing global parliamentary dialogue and fostering parliamentary diplomacy.

The concerns and queries raised by the meeting participants were addressed and answered by the delegation representing Azerbaijan's chairmanship in the NAM PN. Additionally, the session included the presentation of the official website of the Parliamentary Network and the screening of a video showcasing the founding meeting in Madrid, as well as the Baku and Manama Conferences.

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