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VICE-CHAIRPERSON of the NAM Parliamentary Network

Fawzi Al-Tahar.JPG

Mr. Fawzi Al-Taher Al-Nouiri

Mr. Fawzi Al-Taher Al-Nouiri was born in Tripoli in 1974.

He is currently the First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives of the State of Libya, as well as a member of the Health Committee and Monitoring Bodies Follow-up Committee at the Libyan House of representatives. Mr. Fawzi Al-Taher Al-Nouiri is a member of the Libyan House of Representatives from Sorman city since 2014. Previously he served as the Chairman of the Council of Directors of the sports team of the city of Sorman.


Currently a member of the Bar Association of Libya and the Bar Association of Mediterranean.


Mr. Fawzi Al-Taher Al-Nouiri participated in various interparliamentary events within the Libyan delegation.

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